PE Foam

Polyethylene foam (PE Foam) is a very strong and resilient chemically cross linked foam. Closed cell foam is rigid and perfectly suited for many industrial and commercial applications including Shock absorbing, Packaging, Buoyancy aids, Thermal insulation, Kneeling pads, as well as Acoustic sound proofing.

PE foam, also known as closed-cell foam, is a chemically cross-linked foam that is very strong and resilient. Closed-cell foam is rigid and ideal for various industrial and commercial applications such as packaging, buoyancy aids, and thermal insulation. PE foam is highly versatile, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. PE foam is constructed with closed cells. PE foam is a resilient material that can return to its original shape after being compressed while still providing cushion and security where needed. These features and the fact that they can be customized make it useful in so many different ways.

  • Laminated PE Foam
  • Colors available
  • ESD Grade available
  • Several density available
  • General Thickness 3mm to 100mm
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