Powerful Brand Identity Starts With Good Packaging

Impressive product packaging can say much more about a brand’s ethos and make a positive impact on the customers’ purchase decisions. We help you stand out from the crowd with a product packaging that creates memorable encounters for the consumers, allowing them to immerse themselves in the experience.

Realistic, Reliable & Responsive
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Place order> Design, shape & create> Securely kept at our warehouse> Delivered to you upon request. It takes only one phone call to have the packaging boxes delivered to you on the SAME DAY!

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To ensure our milestones being achieved, we have dedicated ourselves to not only
exploring innovative ideas but also insisted high quality production.

G-Max Packaging Products Sdn Bhd was

founded in 2001.

Located in Simpang Ampat, Penang, G-Max Packaging Products Sdn Bhd is a direct provider of high quality and technology-advanced packaging solutions. With 20 years of experience, we have evolved into a forward thinking, creative and high-performance company.


Superlative one-stop packaging solutions

G-MAX is one stop solution for all packaging requirements that are tailor-made according to your specific needs. You will find a variety of box sizes, materials, and finishing options. Custom made product packaging boxes as well as internal cushioning materials are available for low minimums order quantity(MOQ), affordable prices, and fast turnaround.


Innovative Products
Creativity stands the first place in our mind. We constantly fostering innovative technology to improve our products, which could make people remember your brand.


Superior Service
Superior products are nothing without excellent customer service. We prioritize and highly responsive to all your enquiries!


Automated Equipment
Automated equipment is the reason why we are beyond efficiency and productive. We constantly exceeding your expectations with low minimums, affordable prices, and fast turnaround.


Custom Solutions
Our tailor-made products help you stand out from the crowd according to your specific needs. We help to personalize the packaging which could best describe your businesses.


Starting with a right Partner

We serve a myriad of industries, ranging from electronic manufacturing, hi-tech, retail companies to multi-national corporations. Thanks to the continuous support and trust from our customers, we have expanded our product category to include almost every kind of packing type. Here’s a small fraction of our core products:

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Can I reuse Gmax’s packaging solutions Malaysia?

Reuse of packaging solutions Malaysia is a great way to minimise costs and waste. We deliver a range of multi-use packaging solutions that can reuse without any downtime. Please contact your local office if you do not know if or how to reuse one of our solutions.

How do I choose the right packaging solutions Malayisa?

The first thing you have to do is ask- What is your objective? Is your primary goal to improve the shelf life of your product? Do you believe that you have a high chance of having a long shipping process? Have you got products that are sent to a high-altitude location? It is easier to determine which kind of packaging is the right choice for you while answering these questions.

Does EVA foam melt?

The EVA foam material characteristically provides good gloss and clarity, remains strong at low temperatures, retains its resistance to UV radiation and stress-cracking, and possesses hot-melt adhesive waterproof properties. Resilience/buoyancy and low-water absorption.

Can you recycle EVA foam?

Yes. The upshot of much recycling is incineration. Chipping EVA foam for reprocessing is something to check upon. The smoke from EVA foam is highly toxic and may need special incinerators.

What is PE foam?

Polyethene foam is a lightweight closed-cell foam that offers resilience and durability and is flexible enough to suit many bespoke applications. Its cross-linked formula makes it strong and resistant to wear and tear, whilst its closed-cell formation gives it additional characteristics that range from buoyancy to insulation.

What is the difference between PE and EVA foam?

EVA foam is a new type of environmentally friendly plastic packaging material. PE foam is cut into various thicknesses, densities, various shapes and colours by the roll or punch moulding, so there are many options. PE foam tape has excellent weather resistance, chemical resistance and cushioning properties.

How is a PU foam quality analysis made?

There are various tests to evaluate the quality of PU foam. It is essential to measure how much filler there is – filler presence makes the manufacturing process cheaper and compromises the life of the foam. Other tests are to measure the resilience of the foam (essentially to check how bouncy or springy the foam is) and a variety of tests to match the longevity of the foam.

Are PU Foams safe?

Yes, PU Foams are safe. PU Foams are derived from diisocyanates and polyols that undergo a reaction to form an inert substance – polyurethane. Substantial research has shown polyurethanes to be safe and motionless.

Can you recycle PU Foams?

Yes, it can recycle all PU foams. However, recycling might not always be the most environmentally sound alternative. Recycling takes a lot of energy, and in some cases, energy recovery is the most sensible alternative. This is accomplished in the EU by safe and thorough incineration, filtering out contaminants and generating energy through combustion processes.