PU Foam

With our extensive experience in manufacturing and converting polyurethane foam (PU Foam), we can create a range of products to meet your specific needs and requirements. PU Foam is a versatile material, more resistant to oxidation and other ageing than rubber or latex foam, and as a result, is suited to a wide range of potential uses.

The interaction of polyols and diisocyanates produces PU foam, which is a porous, cellular-structured synthetic material. Its structure is made up of a mixture of solid and gas phases. The solid phase is constructed of polyurethane elastomer, whereas the gas phase is created by blowing agents and consists of air. PU foams have a large gas phase that gives them favourable qualities like thermal and acoustic insulation, high force absorption, low density, and flexibility. Foam rubber is a term used to describe PU foams.

  • Colors available
  • ESD Grade available
  • Several Density available
  • General Thickness 5mm to 100mm
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