About us

G-Max Industries Sdn Bhd was founded in 2007, is the specializing in precision die cutting of plastic, adhesive tape and other electronic component .

To ensure our milestones being achieved, we have dedicated ourselves to not only exploring innovative ideas but also insisted high quality production. G-Max Industries has successfully branched out into various industries, from the very beginning of the manufacturing contract for provide all kind of die cutting service laminating , gluing , cutting and new development of process and products to the subsequent movement of automobile, civil engineering   even the electronics and so on. While the insistence of the quality and environmental awareness, G-Max Industries successively obtained ISO-9001:2008 certification, the products have passed the ROHS, UL evaluation and so on to ensure the product line meet the international regulatory requirements.

The rapid advancement of technology product comes from creative invention. We strongly believe G-Max Industries Sdn Bhd will become the leading company in this new century. We sincerely appreciated our customer for supporting us and we will be more committed to product innovation, product development and adhere to provide the best product and service to each and every customer.